Web Services for Small Businesses

Content Creation

Words for Web 



Timely updates

Synergistic Ideas

Together we shape the future of your business in an online world.

Great Journey

People are the best part of getting there. Rapport building is key. Now let’s have some fun getting your business website created just the way you want it!


Presentation is everything

Getting things out of the box and into customers hands keeps the world going ’round.

Knowing how… is being inspired!


Old School to Geek

So you have a great business. You are respected in your field and would like to take more of what you do in a brick and mortar world online effectively.

Astor Media Group team are the right people for you!

We have been helping our clients move into the virtual world since 1996. We are proud to say we still have our first website client today. Several website revisions later we have helped keep their business up to date in this ever changing web world. Satisfying customers is what we do.

A woman we know who is accomplished in her own field called her internet provider recently to ask a question. She told us afterwards, “They don’t speak my language and I don’t speak theirs!” 

Need someone to help you navigate? Get in touch today.

Taking care of businesses
 on the web since 1996

Taking care of business is your job, it is how you make a living and create work for employees.
Helping you navigate through a virtual world by providing Web Services is what we do. 

We provide niche market services geared for small business owners.

Need some fresh ideas, some new ways to work on and through the web, let’s talk.

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  • Website design platforms that allow you to update your own site.
  • Web Services tailored to just what you need.
  • Specializing in Multi-functional Drupal Platform designs.
  • Monthly Web Service Plans with training.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Hosting and site maintenance.
  • In House Photography & Graphics.
  • Writing for the web and content creation.
  • Fees for website startups or website re-makes as a package. Web services by the hour.
  • We are as near as your computer! 
  • Located in Niagara Region and Greater Toronto Area